Mark Steiner


Hello, I'm Mark Steiner—a multidisciplinary designer specialising in process driven branding & identity solutions and bespoke web experiences.
Originally from New Zealand, I now live in Edmonton, Alberta with my Canadian wife and young family.

Sharing knowledge and cultivating a passion for creativity has always been a focus, to which I was able to formalise in a four and a half year teaching tenure at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic in New Zealand.

Educating, challenging and mentoring undergraduate students in a range of different design disciplines, such as life drawing, illustration, publication design, web design, typography, branding and creative programming, afforded me the opportunity to reflect on and refine my own design practice.

Prior to teaching, I worked as a senior designer for a number of design agencies and studios in New Zealand and the Republic of Ireland.

I am a passionate and dedicated designer intent on helping people reach their potential.


Download my résumé in pdf format.


Twitter: @m_steiner
ADN: m_steiner
Linkedin: mlsteiner
Github: mlsteiner
Letterboxd: m_steiner


Built, by hand, on a Mac with the open source code editor TextMate and preprocessed and minified with Riot's Hammer application.

This responsive site uses a custom build of Zurb's Foundation framework, a little Sass & Bourbon, the jQuery library, Andreas Pihlström's Nested and is typeset with the typeface 'Lato' designed by Łukasz Dziedzic [ provided by Google Fonts ].