Pacific Coast Village

An exciting and ingenious partnership between the land owners, The Mangatawa Development Trust and Retirement Assets Limited, a wholly New Zealand owned and proven company, will resulted in the construction of a truly magnificent retirement village complex. The standard of which has seldom been seen in New Zealand until now.

The Village will be one that will draw upon the natural attributes of the area to ensure a level of convenience and facilities seldom available so close to the city.

Residents will benefit from the protective involvement of a Perpetual Trust as statutory supervisor in an irreplaceable location that will no doubt increase in value.

The village will comprise a full range of dwellings, and a comprehensive upmarket community centre complex, all of which will be of an extremely high standard of construction and amenities.

The design of the buildings and associated services and the selection of materials have been carefully reviewed with the view to the village being able to qualify for at least a 3 star plus environmental rating. Specialist consultants have been engaged to ensure all practical options are sensitively incorporated and long term sustainability is achieved.