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Hello, I'm Mark Steiner—an Art Director and multidisciplinary designer, specialising in process-driven branding and bespoke web sites and experiences.

Originally from New Zealand, I current reside in the beautiful province of Alberta, Canada.

A rewarding career, spanning over 20 years, has afforded me the opportunity to practice my craft as an Art Director, Design Educator, and Senior Designer for a selection of agencies, institutions, and design studios in Canada, New Zealand, and the Republic of Ireland.

I am a passionate and considered creator, continuously working to blend design and technology to create meaningful and memorable interactions.


This responsive website was built by hand on a Mac, with the open source code editor TextMate. The CSS was pre-processed with (Dart) Sass, animations were created with ProcessingJS, JPG images were compressed with Google's Guetzli, SVG's compressed with SVGsus. The site is version controlled with SourceTree to a private Bitbucket repository.

The iOS application, Textastic, is used for edits on the go, and changes are committed back to the repository via TIG.

Code is deployed to this server with a custom Bitbucket Pipeline and Git-FTP.