Lumen Identity

Project Details

Client: TELUS World of Science

Date: 2014

Role: Art Direction, Design, Creative Coding

Category: Identity Design

Tools: Adobe Creative Cloud, Processing, TextMate

In celebration of their 30th anniversary, TELUS World of Science Edmonton launched Lumen, a fundraising event in support of continued quality science education in the community.

The supporting identity was a dynamic and everchanging take on their existing brand. Looking skyward, it consisted of a cluster of star-like elements arranged in circular motif. Built with Processing, the identity is uniquely and randomly rendered each time the code is executed, ensuring no two versions are ever the same.

Tweaking variables allowed for variations in the number of elements, their size and relationship to each other to generate further, additional instances.

An animated version, developed using ProcessingJS, was created for inclusion on the Lumen website, which provided a different permutation each time the page was refreshed. The organic undulation of each element added a sense of depth to the identity, as well as a sparkley quality appropriate for a gala event such as this.


Identity for Lumen fundraising Gala

Showcase Lumen 01
Showcase Lumen 02
Showcase Lumen 03
Showcase Lumen 04
Showcase Lumen 05
Showcase Lumen 06


Examples of the random variations generated by Processing code.

Showcase Lumen 07

Your browser does not support the canvas tag.

Showcase Lumen 08

Your browser does not support the canvas tag.

Showcase Lumen 09

Your browser does not support the canvas tag.


Additional code was developed to create animated versions suitable for projecting at the event, and for use on the website.

Showcase Lumen 01
Showcase Lumen 02


A selection of supporting print and digital material.

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